From a club member’s perspective, it’s all fun and games. But for the owners and board members, navigating the risks that come with the 18-hole territory can be quite challenging.

At Sanford Insurance Group (SIG), it is our mission to help guide you through the increasingly complex world of club insurance. Our service goes far beyond providing an initial quote on coverage to ensure you are protected. We continuously analyze your fluctuating needs and adapt your policies as your club evolves. Our relationship will be an ongoing partnership.

After 125 years in business, SIG is not only astute in primary insurance coverage, but possesses an in-depth knowledge of the golf and country club business as well. We are currently partnered with the top carriers writing club businesses.

Made up of a blend of other types of insurance, golf course and country club protection from Sanford Insurance Group can be comprised of the following:

  • General liability: Covers legal expenses in case of a lawsuit.
  • Liquor liability: Covers legal expenses specifically related to serving alcohol, like drunk driving cases.
  • Directors and officers insurance (D&O): Covers board members and other senior leaders in your organization if they’re sued based on decisions they made for your organization.
  • Commercial property: Covers buildings and other property, like furniture, in case of natural disaster or other damage.
  • Flood insurance: Covers flood damage which isn’t covered by normal commercial property insurance.
  • Commercial auto insurance: Covers vehicles, like maintenance trucks or courtesy cars, in case of accidents.
  • Inland marine insurance: Covers equipment that moves, like golf carts or lawn tractors. May also cover the green or special course features like trees that aren’t covered by commercial property insurance.
  • Workers’ compensation: Covers worker expenses if they are injured on the job.
  • Employment practices: protects the club from claims of sexual harassment, discrimination and wrongful termination.
  • Abuse and molestation insurance: covers the alleged or actual exploitation by anyone while in the care of the club.
  • Accident and health insurance: protects members for injuries they suffer while at the club.


We value your time as much as we value our own. Experience has taught us that investing some time up front exploring and discussing your insurance needs will not only produce relevant policies that offer tremendous value, but will also save both of us a great deal of time in the long-run.

The first step in the process of getting your product liability insurance quote is for us to have a conversation. We've provided a few ways for you to get the ball rolling.

  1. You can click on the "Request a Consultation" button below to fill out a form, which will be received and handled by a member of our product liability insurance team.
  2. You can reach out to the individual(s) listed below by direct email or phone. These individuals not only have experience, but they have the autonomy to take you through the entire policy quoting and fulfillment process.
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