The Sanford Insurance Group is fortunate to have a history that goes back over 100 years. When you call us today you’ll deal with fourth generation family members who continue to build a business based on the qualities that George Foster Sanford espoused over a century ago – one based on leadership, work ethic, determination and integrity.


Founded by George “Sandy” Foster Sanford, an innovative leader both in business and in football, where he excelled as a player and a coach.

George Foster Sanford proudly serves his country as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army during the Spanish-American War.

Upon returning home from war, he became known for his proficiency as a writer of big risks and attracted the attention of the railroad industry, which set his course as a leader in the field.


As The Sanford Insurance Group grew in the business community, Columbia University hired Sanford as its first professional football coach and charged him with reviving the football program.

Sanford’s revolutionary achievements won him recognition as the game’s foremost diagnostician, who was “called upon time and time again by the leading coaches of the country for advice and assistance when they have gone wrong with their teams,” ~ the New York Globe & Commercial Advisor.


Sanford was approached with a new football challenge: to revive the struggling program at Rutgers University.

When he retired from coaching in 1923, Sanford had built an impressive career college football record of 84-46-6. At the entrance to the High Point Solutions Stadium, where Rutgers now plays, is a tribute to Sanford, a bronze plaque financed and installed by his players, the men “…he inspired to deeds beyond themselves.”


Upon returning from coaching, Sanford continued to channel his energies into his insurance brokerage business, bringing with him the same competitive drive, intuition and focus that he had exhibited on the field. It is his legacy that continues to shape the Sanford Insurance Group today, four generations later.

George Sanford Jr., son of George Foster Sanford, took leadership of the Sanford Insurance Group.

Like his father, George Jr. was an athlete – a star, record-setting pitcher on the University of Pennsylvania baseball team.


George Foster Sanford III, eldest son of George Jr., opened the Montclair branch.