Offering Life Insurance To Your Employees

There are many reasons why people work. One of the most common reasons is to help provide for the welfare of loved ones. No one enjoys thinking about the inevitability of life itself but it is important for all of us to prepare for unexpected life ending events. Offering life insurance to employees aligns your interests as an employer with the interests of your employees in a very personal way. These policies illustrate a partnership that goes far beyond just the job.

At Sanford Insurance we have access to every life insurance provider in the country and will make sure that the life insurance benefits you extend to your employees offer the best coverage at the best price.

There are several types of life insurance including term, whole, and variable life policies. Give us the opportunity to educate you on group life insurance and fit your team with the most relevant policies.


We value your time as much as we value our own. Experience has taught us that investing some time exploring and discussing your group life insurance needs will not only produce relevant policies that offer tremendous value, it will also save the both of us a great deal of time.

The first step in the process of getting your group life insurance quote is for us to have a conversation. We’ve provided a few ways for you to get the ball rolling.

  1. You can click on the “Request a Consultation” button below to fill out a form, which will be received and handled by a member of our group life insurance team.
  2. You can reach out to the individual(s) listed below by direct email or phone. These individuals not only have experience, but they have the autonomy to take you through the entire policy quoting and fulfillment process.
Geff SanfordVice President
(973) 783-6600 ext 2145