Commercial Property Insurance

Among other industry-leading business coverages, we at Sanford offer solutions for commercial property insurance. Like a comprehensive homeowner’s policy for your physical building, this type of coverage is a legal and logical must-have for all small- and medium-sized business owners.

In working with our insurers, our agents will personally tailor a policy for you and your business that covers things like equipment, computers, lost income, records, and so much more. We will always strive to ensure we are most efficiently covering the areas that matter most to your livelihood, so as to avoid both under- and over-insuring.

The Sanford Insurance Group has significant experience in covering business in nearly every industry, and we’re able to effectively apply this professional wisdom to finding the most cost-effective options for you. In partnering with revered insurers like Plymouth Rock and The Hartford, our agent team will proactively work with you and be always available to help with potential claims.

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