Snow plow insurance

Snow Plow Insurance

If you are looking for snow plow insurance, consider Sanford Insurance Group.  We are an insurance broker that has been providing snow plow insurance to business owners in New Jersey since 1896.  Located in Upper Montclair, along with our partners we can find you the best rates available in New Jersey.

If you’re in the snow removal business, you rely on your snow plow insurance to provide protection for both your vehicles and business.

Snow plow insurance can include a business owner’s policy, Workers’ Compensation insurance and commercial truck insurance that provides liability protection against exposure that can result in costly lawsuits.

Who Needs Snow Plow Insurance?

Snow plow insurance is usually required by law or your snow removal contract. If you earn income by providing snow plowing services to either residential or commercial properties. Make sure you’re familiar with the local rules and regulations where you work.

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