Commercial Auto Insurance

The Sanford Insurance Group proactively provides commercial automobile insurance among other coverages in our business portfolio. A necessity for all small- and medium-sized businesses, commercial auto protects you and yours from the resulting liability when you or your employees are found at-fault for an auto-related accident.

For every scenario from striking a pedestrian to hitting another vehicle, we will work with you and your team to achieve the optimal commercial auto insurance coverage for you. In the vein of your personal car insurance, commercial auto covers these unfortunate events. A dedicated Sanford agent will diagnose your unique business needs, find the right policy option, then always be available for you and your business when claims need to be made.

Our agents will establish a dialogue with you about the commercial auto insurance policy you most need, including consideration for various coverages like bodily injury, theft, and diminished value. When speaking to your personally-assigned representative, please don’t hesitate to ask about the various discount programs we can provide through our partners, Plymouth Rock and The Hartford.

Contact us today at (973) 783-6600 to immediately speak with a New Jersey agent whose experience and local expertise will provide you with the peace of mind needed when navigating the choices for commercial auto insurance.

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